specialty excuse notesThere are only so many times that you can show up with a doctor’s note after missing work, before your employer decides that your health “condition” isn’t worth all of the problems your absences are creating. In cases like that, other types of excuse letters are the perfect way to take care of a “day off” without continually playing the health card.

A great fake doctors’ notes site will offer a large assortment of other types of excuse documentation which you’ve probably never even realized existed.

For example, you could present your boss with a fake jury duty notice. These are modeled after real state jury summonses, and can justify missing anywhere from one day of work, up to several weeks (if you’re selected for a long jury trial, that’s a completely realistic time frame).

There’s no way to obtain an excuse note when you attend a funeral. However, you usually can show your employer a pamphlet from the funeral to prove that you were actually at burial services. A fake funeral pamphlet will have realistic details as if you really had been away at memorial services, including a picture of the “deceased” as well as a memorial poem and funeral home details.


Women who are in need of something to justify continued absences, or limits on the types of physical work they can perform on the job, might find a fake pregnancy letter useful. It includes all the details needed to make it look real, including the name and address of a pregnancy clinic, and estimated dates of conception and delivery. Just be sure to either have a “miscarriage” – or be ready to use a fake abortion note (also available at top-notch fake doctor note sites, stating in authentic and detailed wording that the procedure was performed) before you would be expected to start showing signs of your “pregnancy.”

When deciding to use any of these notes, or any fake notes at all, be sure that you’re dealing with an established website which pays attention to all of the little details which makes an excuse letter fully realistic. It’s possible to find free fake doctors notes all over the web, but most don’t have any of the true signs of a letter or note from a real professional, such as logos, watermarks or bar codes. There’s no sense in using one of those half-baked imitations, since you’re more likely to be caught and face serious consequences.


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